Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

I have experienced death long before I experienced life. I was only 14 when I lost someone I loved dearly and then again at 21. But at 31 I gave birth to my first born and at 33 to my second.

Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

Losing someone you love is not easy, and the wounds do not heal quickly. It takes time, the irony! We all pass on from this world sooner or later, some sooner and some later. The truth is we don’t know what is happening with our hour glass. It’s intact today running at it’s normal pace and one day it just drops on the ground with sand falling faster through the cracks. I have seen a mother loose her son, a sister loose her brother and I have heard of a mom in labor who never gets to meet her new born twins. Times like these that our hearts shatter with sorrow. Life is not fair and these wounds need time to heal – time, an element out of our control…do you see the irony.

Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

And then on the flip side seeing life start and watching every moment so closely as these fragile little flowers grow and mature is such an amazing experience. Sometimes it feels like time stands still and other times we complain that time just goes to fast as we watch our kids grow up. Watching a little child being amazed at a yellow truck as yellow is a new color she learned and “truck” is a new word she is learning to pronounce. It’s in these moments it feels like time is standing still. It’s at times like these that our hearts burst with joy and excitement.

Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

The truth is, we are all going to leave this world. We just don’t know when or how. Sometimes there are warnings and sometimes it’s sudden. But what are we going to do until then? Death is not something we like to think about, it’s something we put aside in our minds cause it’s depressing to think about and not something we want to face every day. So we just continue living every day. But I think we should stop and think about our hour glass a bit more often. What would you do different if you knew exactly how many hours you have left? Would you be more impulsive and go bungee jump with your partner who has asked you a million times (million times is just a figure of speech), or will you put it off say 5 more times thinking you still have time? Would you stop being busy with chores and sit and color in with your 2 year old for 10 minutes?  Would you go to bed angry – and yes we have heard so many times that we should not, but yet we so often do it?

My advice, don’t live a life with regret. Live every moment as we don’t know how many we have left. In the mornings when you get up, don’t first think of all those problems you are facing, stress will cloud your judgement. Think of your hour glass – time is running out, whether we like it or not. Make the most of the time given to you, we don’t know who’s hour glass will fall and crack, speeding up time.

Life can be brutal, Life can be kind.

My letter to my friend – Sweety, we have known each other for so many years. We met at school when we were both fairly new faces, being the odd ones out, it brought us together. We have had great moments and sad ones together…now time is against us.

I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for being so angry for so long, holding my hurt against you and not being willing to see your hurt. If I knew what I know today, I would have done so many things different. We have walked such a long road together that the last 3 years’ tiff now feels so petty. We could have made better use of that time. I’m sorry for the pain I have caused you and wish you only sweet memories for the sand left in your hour glass. You are a beautiful person and you have contributed so much to my life, I can not thank you enough! And I’m very grateful to know you.

I love you know and forever.

Your friend.


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