I’m still here

I know, its been a while since I wrote a blog. Life just happened and spiraled crazily!Sick kids, sleepless nights, hearing problems, family issues, memorial service and through all this still trying to keep business going.

Like typical winter months, we have been struggling to keep the noses dry and that horrible cough away. At one stage we were at the Dr on a weekly base, some times twice. And just as I thought it could not get any worse, Amber split her chin open!! And these things ALWAYS happen at night!! But she is better now, a little bit of an ugly scar but its under the chin. Fortunately they could glue it together instead of putting stitches in.

Her little brother has been a nightmare at night. With Amber we were very fortunate to have a baby girl who started sleeping through from 2 weeks, yes, two weeks. And for most parts, she slept well. Her brother on the other hand is a different story. At two months only did he start sleeping through, but it lasted a few short weeks. During the day he is an easy baby, but at night very different story. About a month ago I was in Cape Town for a couple days, saying goodbye to my friend, and everyone was saying what a sweet baby he was…to which I grudgingly responded “wait till 2 am, then we will talk again”. And we did. Next morning the response was “what a set of lungs!” as Damon basically woke the whole house up with his night screams. Well, we started sleep training when I got back home. It is still in progress but we are getting there. Had two good night this week, but now the nose is running a bit more causing post nasal drip which woke him up the last two nights. But we will get through this and soon I will get more sleep 🙂

As some of you might be aware, a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago. Sadly it was a short but cruel battle as she tried to stay positive to the end. Last week was her memorial service here in Jhb as her funeral was in Cape Town the week before. A couple months ago I wrote the blog “Life can be brutal, Life can be kind” after I found out that the cancer is progressing faster and the operation was not so hopeful. Its tragic to see a mom go, leaving two small kids and her hubby behind. She always had a way with kids and loved her own so much. We were not as close as we used to be the past three years, but one thing I know is even though she made peace with the cancer, she still wanted to live a long life. Some days when I fetch my kiddies from school I still get sad knowing I get to hug and kiss them one more time.

And then there is family life, my dad in an old age home going through his own challenges that forms part of getting old. And hubby who has lost most of his hearing and our personal lives needing to make some changes and space to adjust. It has been challenging, but we will find our way through this.

Business wise, I started doing more photography. Go take a look at my Facebook page @LeeMooPhotography. For those in Gauteng, follow my page as I run specials and do free give aways from time to time.

I have also split the ladies clothing from the kids clothing as I felt it was getting lost between all the cute kiddies items. Go take a look at this Facebook page @LeeMooLadiesFashion and don’t miss out on the SALE. Everything is marked down.

I’m a Spring person and quite excited for the season change. I’m quite looking forward to it and hope you do to. I will be looking to bring some swim wear in stock for the kids and ladies and some summer tops and dresses for the ladies.

At a last note, life is beautiful and unexpected. It troughs curve balls at us but we cant let this put us down. Deal with the troubled times and celebrate the great times. Life does not always go to plan or work out perfect for us. But make the most of it and don’t get lost in the busyness of it…stop and smell the roses 😉 I’ve put a picture of my friend and her family on the wall as I will miss her and as a reminder to slow down.

Now ladies, its time to get those feet Spring ready! Go book a pedi or give yourself a mini pedi and remember to give those toe nails some color before you put on a pair of sandles.



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