Life with two kids under 3 is eventful and interesting…

So, the other day my boy woke up a tad early and I figured, no point going back to be for 15 min. Down stairs we go to switch the coffee machine on and to check emails. And then I think, flip my boy smells bad. He is sitting next to me on the floor playing. I don’t change his nappy straight away in the morning, I give it about 20 min as I know he is most likely to make a poo. Anyway, let me wrap up my mail, pour a cup of coffee and then go change him. But as I turned to look at him, it was nearly to late! He has been playing with his poo! It was much bigger than the usual, pealing out the sides, up his back, smeared all over the floor and he is playing with a chunk in his hand as if its play dough. Up I jump and grab him before the hand can reach the mouth and up the stairs to the bathroom. Both our bathrooms are upstairs and trying to walk with a 10 month baby up the stairs without holding him against you (don’t want to poo on me now as well), was a bit of a mission. But managed to get him cleaned up…before coffee…need coffee, lots of coffee!

That evening, what is he playing with…a slug that slithered in from under the door. Really? He squished this slug and smeared its goo all over his hand (and think it was in his mouth for a split moment), I could not get it washed off. Ever tried to wash off slug goop? I had to wipe it of with a piece of tissue paper. My gosh.

My girl is growing up into a beautiful little human, learning to count and different colors. And she loves hiding behind the curtain with her toes sticking out, or in her tent giggling away when you call her.

She is potty trained and doing very well. She’s now sleeping without nappies as well. But she also experimented with different toilette use techniques. A couple times now I had to get down and wash her, the toilette, her toddler seat and floor as she tried to do the business standing! Or when she goes for a poo and then tries to wipe herself with poo smearing everywhere. At least she tried but feels embarrassed about the mess. She walks like a girl, dresses like a girl, but plays like a boy and does not like her hands getting dirty. Our Little Miss Awesome. When dad asks her: “is Amber crazy?” she responds “No! Amber is AWESOME!”. It is soooo cute.

We decided to have our kids 2 years apart. At the time we thought it is a good age, but sometimes we not sure. There is a lot of jealousy and bulling and grabbing of toys and tantrums. But non the less, when no adults are around they play like angels, sharing and laughing. They are our two munchkins and we love them to bits.

2016 was  a great year for The Maxwells and we truly hope 2017 will be better, not just for us but for you and your loved ones as well.



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