When the going get though…its time for a road trip


We have been very excited to start 2017. Not only did our baby boy turn one early Jan, but we also have (had) high expectation for the year.

But soon in 2017 our lives have been tumbled side ways, to the point were half way through Jan I already wished this year over. Things that we really needed started breaking and I felt we are starting to loose control with everything going wrong. My clients have been really great and understanding, and I’m truly appreciative!

My hubby often travels for work, sometimes close by and other times abroad. In the week, he had a same day trip planned down to New Castle and said I must come with. At first I wanted to argue as I had so much STUFF to sort out…I desperately needed control back in my life. But decided, “let me just go with it”. And darn, we had fun. Talking nonsense and important stuff. I felt so refreshed coming back home. And once he was done with his work, on the way back we stopped to take some photos of the landscape and things (some which I shared here). Sometime that is all you need, just a road trip, to get your mind at peace (I call it point zero). Once I’m at point zero, I can start thinking straight again, And yes, all the shit is still there, but now I’m in control sorting everything out. So, lets get it sorted 🙂

And just as we thought, it cant get any worse…this morning my car does not want to start. So, here we go again towing it back to the shop…I hate being without my own transport. I’m sure, somewhere this year things will go better again. Just need to work through all this shit to get there. When the going gets tough…KEEP GOING!

Have a great week.



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