Baking cookies with two toddlers…ALONE

Ya, as you can imagine it was a long frustrating day. It was a public holiday and I was home alone with my two hooligans, and decided “lets bake biscuits” ! Amber will love this as she gets to use the cookie cutters, and we just got a new oven so lets take it for a test ride. As Amber is at a good age now where she can press the cookie cutters down, I have not done this with her before and therefore don’t have any fail proof recipes…I should have give up there already…but I already promised her.

So, out with all the mixing stuff, flower, eggs, butter sugar and everything i think we will need. Now the challenge started going through the books to find a recipe or two that looks good. Her excitement is getting the better of her and she is already driving me crazy touching everything…and the last thing I want is broken eggs on the floor. I end up bribing her with a movie, which works for her but not her brother. He has no clue what we up to but he can sense the excitement in the air and gladly hops on to the band wagon. šŸ˜¦

Ok, so the kids are kind of under control. Mixture one, a simple and what looks like some nice Butter biscuits. Mixed it all up and now I have to roll it out on that non stick baking paper (which i don’t have, but I have the silicone mat) and freeze for 30 min. Ok, not that you can “roll” this sticky butter dew out but I get it in the freezer. Now mixture two, this looks like one Amber will actually be able to cut (cause the butter one is just to messy). Almost done with this, then these two become irritable cause they are hungry and thirsty. And like any mommy with two small toddlers close in age will now, when the one starts, the other follows with its own life issues…yes, Life Issues!! Their worlds are crumbling down! “Ok, ok, I’m coming”! Feed them, give them water, hugs and kisses, now let me get back to the baking…now where was I? Ok, small recipe which I’m tripling…Did I add the flower yet…no, does not look like it. Of I go and now this one has to go into the freezer for 60 min. By the time its ready its way past their nap time. Damon is already idling (he makes these car idle noise when he gets tired). Its nearly time for the butter biscuits to come out the freezer, but need to explain to Amber she cant cut these. So on with the oven, have the pep talk and manage to get them in the over with out to much drama. Up to the room with them, then I will start cleaning and make one final batch of muffins for mom and dad.

anzac-biscuits-73688-1.jpegPausing a movie it complete utter heartache, but took some nice talk and threatening to get Amber upstairs. Now when she is tired, she gets more stubborn than she already is. Off to the room and give them lots of snuggles and kisses to get in bed and out I fly…yah! Kids in bed, now mom gets time to party…what I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch a movie. Damon did not sleep well the night before and I have been feeling a bit frail. Keep in mind, its been a 4 day long weekend and dad has been working everyday. I worked parts of the first two days, but the rest of the time I have been home alone with our two lovely hooligans. But I better get the butter biscuits & muffins done and clean the kitchen up so there is space to cut the other biscuits when Amber is up.

This is the first time I’m attempting butter biscuits, in the oven they go and after a while I notice the mixture is melting so badly its all running off the silicone mat and covering the new oven pan from corner to corner…and its starting to boil like Ā tameletjie (tameletjie is a well know Afrikaans melted sugar treat)!! Oh dear, so I read the instructions again, and again, and again…and I tun the page over, and there are NO more instructions…What is going on here?! Then to top it of, turning around I seem my two little ones coming down the stairs…they’re not sleeping Ā but I don’t have the energy to fight them. So I just plop them on the couch, un-pause the movie and turn my attention to the mess in the kitchen. Fortunately Damon dosed of quickly and quietly and Amber was trying her hardest to stay awake for the rest of the movie, but eventually passed out as well.

So, back to the butter biscuits, after it completed its 20 min baking time, I pull it out and just stare at it…Ok, lets get the muffins in, I will sort this nonsense out just now. In goes the muffins and there the oven light “pops”…really, our brand spanking new oven….it still has that “new” smell to it. Anyway, I suppose I can carry on without the light. I now first have to return to this so called Butter biscuit mix and get it cleaned of that oven tray before it gets to hard. We don’t want scratches on the new tray already. Fortunately it did not take to long to clean as most of the mix was still hot and a bit runny. At least my muffins should be fool proof and when checking on it, I notice the oven is loosing heat!! I could not get the oven back on, so tested the stove top and that is off as well. Oh dear, at least we still have that 7 day warranty. So on the phone to hubby and at the same time turning to switch the stove off at the main DP board…turns out the switch tripped!

So I finally get the oven working again, but so fed-up, I just turn it back on with the muffin mix still in it. The muffins baked, and came out tasty…but flat. Due to the slow heat at first while the oven was warming up, they did not rise and shine so well. But at least they are edible as the butter biscuits made their way to the dustbin.

Gosh, I need a drink…and toddler one is up…and toddler two is up. And I’m only halfway with the cleaning in the kitchen. Ok, sort kiddies out again, clean the kitchen and finally pull the cookie dew out the fridge (where it remained for two hours or so instead of only one). But Amber finally gets to press her cookies out and she loved it. “more mommy”, “put it here by me mommy”. By this time dad arrived and could take Damon off my hands. A whole day of mixing, baking, cleaning and its over in what felt like 30 min or less.

After they finally baked and cooled I give the kids some…its edible but more brittle than a piece of toast…they biscuits just break when you pic them up or even touch them…now that recipe is in the dustbin with the so called Butter biscuits…and mom is done!!

Note to self: don’t bake when you home alone with two toddlers and use premix packets of the shelve.



I did not take photos of my own, the image/s used here are not my own.


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