Raising a strong willed 2 year old is not for sissies!

Gosh,the mornings are a rush. No matter how I change our routine – get Amber ready first or myself – it is almost always a power struggle! And she is only 2! What is it going to be like when she is 14?! She will not wear the first two outfits I pull out and she hates skirts. Some mornings I’m not allowed to brush her hair or make a pony, or help her brush her teeth. Sound familiar?

So, I gave up. If she does not want to wear that cute skirt but instead the miss match outfit or her sleep gown and slippers, with un-brushed hair, then so be it. That’s how she goes to school. At least there is less fighting and more smiles, I’m willing to compromise.

What I do not compromise on, is safety. And she is learning that quickly. A good suggestion made to me is that when I mean business, lower my tone of voice and be firm. And don’t ask “please” or try negotiate.

So, for 3 days she did not want to get out of the car for school and ran away from me from one door to the other. The teachers had to come help me get her out! The 4th day I put my foot down, lowered my voice and tuned her straight. And what did she do? She climbed out with a grin (not a smile, a GRIN) and said “ok mommy” and walked to the gate. Ever felt relieved and fuming at the same time?! I did at that moment, but sucked it up and walked her to her class where she gave me a kiss and hug good-bye – and all was forgotten when I got back to my car.

As much as she drives me dilly, I love and adore her. She is cute, determined and she is my child 🙂

Here she is with boetie wearing a red shirt with black & pink leggings with her dirty face – Just being a child.

Go check out the Mommy Room groups for mom’s to share crazy moments and chat. There are 4 groups: Gauteng, Cape Town, KZN & Garden Route

Mommy Room SA


The all new CRAVE – urban simplicity range is here!

CRAVE is a locally designed brand, founded in 2009 by husband and wife duo, Jonathan & Kaylee Gindi. CRAVE is an URBAN CONTEMPORARY collection focusing on the simplicity of everyday life. Designed locally through focusing on the South African market. This range is fun & contemporary and perfect for a fun night out or for something a bit more semi-formal.
And the CRAVE range, is now being stocked by LeeMoo Boutique. I’m so excited to be part of this and looking forward to be growing with this brand! I only got a few items in so long but there are a lot more to come.
I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you like and what you would like to see more of. Contact me at monya@leemoo.co.za
On a personal note: I have this black & gold top in my closet. And the photo’s don’t do it justice. Its my favorite by far – a soft medium thickness knit with the gold flakes on the outside.  When I wear it, I feel ready to be seen by the world, ready for a lekka party or just a movie!
Go take a look online to see what is NEW. New stock comes in on pretty much a weekly basis. Also make sure to stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Lastly, each product is receiving a personal rating from me, at the end of each product. Just another way I’m trying to make online shopping a bit easier for you.
How my rating works:

3-5 Star: Rating the quality. 3 being average (and I’m not have many of these. Also why you wont see a 1) and 5 being excellent! 

Love it!: I’m wearing it, or my kids are 🙂 

What is NEW at LeeMoo?

You have heard a lot about the coming MOM’s range and the firsts will be launched NEXT MONTH!! Beautiful tops, stunning knits! and genuine letter belts (stock might be low as I’m keeping some for myself…I’m trying not to take one of each…it’s just so hard as Ilove them all!! I LOVE knits for winter and autumn…and even early spring. You know, those mesh one’s you wear a tank top under. Just love them). 

Also NEW this month are these very RAD baby grows for boys and girls between 0-18 months. These designs are made by a local designer, and is she not just talented! I know not everyone will like this design as some will find it to “weird” or not your taste, and I must admit, this is a design for a very select market. Its just that I love it so much and sure some of you will share this with me.

I’m taking orders this week – 8 different designs on black and white baby grows (and black is so hard to find! And they look amazing). Go take a look on the Facebook page and let me know which ones you would like to order.

Please stay in touch with the Facebook page. I’m always looking for new and exciting products for you and often place posts. Go to my page and under the “Like” button you can set your notification preferences. 

My two little noonoo’s are doing good. Big sis is loving her little boetie and boetie finds it hard to sleep when big sis is not around. 

And soon you will also see a slight name change from LeeMoo Kids to LeeMoo Boutique 😉 

Welcome back and Happy 2016!


The year started with an amazing gift for us. Our little boy, Damon, was born on 2 January and everything went well. And while we have been settling in as a family, mom has also been hard at work with planning, order, etc. 2016 is going to be a good year, despite the weak rand – I remain positive.

I also just want to take this moment and wish all our faithful clients a Happy and Prosperous 2016. May you and your family have a blessed year.

This year you will see a couple new things. I will be promoting the website more to encourage more online sales. There are also a lot more products online. Please go take a look as not everything is on Facebook. And there are more products to come, such as beautiful handmade jewelry and clothing for the MOM’s range. And dont forget the lovely fragrances. They are of great quality at a fraction of the price! Here is an extract from my supplier:

“SUNBIRD perfumes contain the finest ingredients and are manufactured from top quality essential oils which are imported from some of the world’s leading perfume houses in Grasse, France. These essential oils have been developed by world-renowned perfumists who have managed to clone many of the world’s most famous and favourite original fragrances by developing essential oils which deliver fragrances that are essentially identical to those of the original perfumes – they smell the same and they also last as long as those of the original fragrances. The only difference is in the price – SUNBIRD perfumes sell at a fraction of the cost of the original, branded fragrances.

Imitation perfumes are legal. A number of courts worldwide have ruled that fragrances cannot be patented. It is therefore legal to develop and sell imitation perfumes. While our fragrances are effectively identical to those of the original, branded fragrances, we recognize that we need to respect their trademarks. Our elegant bottles and branding is therefore unique and does not resemble that of the original fragrances.” 

I take orders on a monthly base for the fragrance, keep a look out or email me at kids@leemoocreations.co.za to stay in touch.  

And here is another brag photo taken by me 😉


A beautiful scent – how cloned fragrances work


I have recently introduced perfumes as a pre-order product as part of my new MOM’s range. Who does not like to smell great? 🙂

Many of you who placed orders over the past couple of weeks would have received a complimentary fragrance sample. I kept one for myself – the CK one – and just love it! It’s quite a refreshing smell, a mix between sweet and spicy and a different type of scent to what I normally wear. I’ve always been a fan of the sweet floral fragrances of Gucci Rush & Flora. Gucci Flora was my wedding perfume and I have been using it sparingly as I just love the fragrance.

How do fragrances work? Each perfumes house uses their own terminology and categories, but here is a general idea:

Eau de Cologne: these are at the bottom with about 7% essence and thus does not last long and needs to be applied several times a day. But it can be refreshing as it normally comes in a spray form.

Eau de Toilette (or sometimes called cologne): it contains about 10% aromatic essence.

Eau de parfum: This product contains about 15-20% oils and is more long lasting than the above mentioned. This is the most commonly use fragrance today and is not as intense as perfume.

Perfume:  this is the most expensive version of fragrances and contains as much as 40% oils.

When you look at your branded fragrances today, most of them have the small writing that says “Eau de Parfum/Eau de Toilette” and not “perfume” as I expected. But a lot goes into branding and marketing for these brands to compete against each other, thus the price tag!

LeeMoo Kids partnered with a leading perfume supplier in SA and these perfumes contain the finest ingredients and are manufactured from top quality essential oils, and contains 18% of these fine quality oils, which are imported from some of the world’s leading perfume houses in Grasse, France. These essential oils have been developed by world-renowned perfumists who have managed to clone many of the world’s most famous and favourite original fragrances by developing essential oils which deliver fragrances that are essentially identical to those of the original perfumes – they smell the same and they also last as long as those of the original fragrances. The only difference is in the price – these perfumes sell at a fraction of the cost of the original, branded fragrances.

There are over 50 fragrances for the ladies to choose from and the lotions are also available in these fragrances. And there is a range for the men.

For more information on the available fragrances or placing an order, please visit:  http://www.leemookids.co.za/collections/all/pamper

We bring you Myang, a 100% South African brand

We are proud to partner Myang; an exquisite, high quality South African brand.

Myang is a proudly South African company, producing a range of delightful baby shoes, fashion accessories and soft toys.  The products, known for their strong sense of fun and design, are aimed at boys and girls aged from birth to 24 months. They are designed and manufactured by an all-woman team, in Port Elizabeth, an area known for its poverty and high unemployment.

Myang was founded by Sarah Massey-Hicks, a talented designer who started making children’s shoes in her mom’s garage with the help of 2 part-time seamstresses.  Her designs, radiating a strong sense of fun and unique style, caught the attention of Margi Sheard, a seasoned entrepreneur with a love of design and a desire to become involved in upliftment projects for women from disadvantaged communities.

This was the start of a burgeoning business, with an ever-expanding range of products which have drawn admiration from many quarters, including international markets, since its official founding in 2012.

Myang runs a small design studio and production facility in Port Elizabeth, where it presently employs 5 full-time staff. A further 6 part-time employees are given materials and training to create a range of handmade clothing and toys for the Myang label at their homes. This allows them to continue caring for their families, whilst earning an income.

Myang continues to develop its local talent and skills as it seeks new markets – a key part of achieving the dreams and aspirations of all involved

Product Information

Myang accessories, including headbands, sun hats, crocheted beanies and scarves, are designed to create the perfect combination with the extensive range of shoes.

A firm favourite is the range of cuddly baby blankets, hand-embroidered and appliqued with appealing motifs.

Myang shoes and boots have non-slip suede soles and trendy fabric uppers – the perfect first shoe for boys and girls, summer or winter. Fabric and trims are carefully selected to create shoes that are truly unique.While some styles have remained perennial favourites, exciting fresh designs are launched for summer and winter seasons every year. Handmade soft toys are a recent addition, and have already become the favourite companion of many little ones.

It has been an eventful year so far, and Loving it

It has been an amazing year so far for our family and for me personally (as Im growing into a business mommy). Watching our little girl as she experiences life and all its “first” – first tooth, first step, first birthday, first fall with a bit of blood, first bronchitis, the works – we went through all the good and the bad (and still going). And it has been awesome.

She is also now going to become a big sister, with a little brother on the way. He is due very early in January and thus we cannot plan our usual December get away when basically everything in Gauteng shuts down. So we decided to take this little break now, and boy are we looking forward to it! With all the amazingness this year, also comes very busy!! Growing and learning about business, having a VERY busy little toddler (who mom can’t pick up anymore or run after) and hubby has been very busy at work and lately traveled quite a bit.

We are going to a very small, quite area along the Durban coast. It’s a small suburb in between the hustle and bustle of the Durban life. But we can see the ocean and hear the waves break early morning and it’s a safe little complex for our little girl to run around in. Last time we were there, she was only crawling. No we have to watch her every move, especially in unfamiliar territory!

But all is good and I have no regrets reflecting back. We are taking this week break down at the coast and planning to come back well refreshed and ready to take on the Festive season which is fast approaching.

Thank you for all your support so far this year and looking forward to what is ahead for the remainder of 2015.

See you soon and I will post some holiday pic’s